Meet the Summit Recruitment & Search Team

Introducing: Jessica Beaumont – Intern at Summit Recruitment & Search

Jessica Beaumont - Summit Recruitment & Training Intern

Hi. My name is Jessica Beaumont and I am half English and half Swiss and live in Switzerland. I am currently in my gap year after finishing my A-Levels at an English boarding school. I decided to go to Kenya on a 3-month internship to a leading recruitment company based in Nairobi, Kenya called Summit Recruitment & Search, because I wanted to be able to explore Kenya whilst gaining work experience.

So far I have been able to see many aspects of Summit Recruitment, joining client meetings, to meeting the nervous candidates before having their interviews! The clients I have met range from hospitality, manufacturing and blue chip companies, but I know Summit do handle many other business sectors.

I find this job to be extremely rewarding, if the candidate takes it seriously, as we as a team are able to help them find a maybe much-needed job. Summit Recruitment & Search doesn’t just work in Kenya they reach out to people in South, East, West and North Africa.

My favourite part of the job has been, being able to help out with the advertising and reaching people, through executive searching and head hunting. Also creating blogs, such as this one, has been very enjoyable.

The job that they do here at Summit Recruitment & Search is very thorough; they have various psychometric tests that all candidates must go through numerous interviews and thorough background checks.

Coming from Switzerland, Kenya has been an exciting and culture shocking adventure! Firstly, being able to have two summers in a year is definitely a bonus. Also, I very much enjoy seeing the wildlife right outside the door and it being the norm. I love that. The power cuts are a definite excuse to play card games or chess and I have had to get used to ceilings leaking during the heavy rains! It’s strange how 2 places can be so completely different, I find that immensely fascinating.
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