Meet the team: Introducing: Amina Ali Senior Recruitment Consultant.

Amina Ali - Meet the team

Amina Ali is a Senior Consultant at Summit Recruitment & Search specializing in Senior Executive Roles in the following industry sectors; Agriculture, Retail and Manufacturing.

• What made you join Summit Recruitment & Search?

I wanted a job with Summit Recruitment & Search about 5 years ago, but they did not have any positions available for my skills at that time, but then Summit called me a couple of years later and asked me back as a Junior Consultant. Growth and immense development professionally is what I would describe as key achievements in my time in Summit.

• What does your day entail?

Depending on the roles I am handling at the time my day entails the following;

• Headhunting and Executive Searching for specialized roles.
• Client relationship management through client meetings and updates.
• Conducting interviews and assessments. All our candidates undergo rigorous testing!
• Sifting through CV applications for various roles through our database.
• Performing background checks for the candidates.
• Offer advice to candidates to career path or goals.
• Analyze the psychometric tests done by the candidates.

• What’s the most enjoyable part of your day?

I must say it’s the people interaction. I get to understand a part of the candidate’s life (personally and professionally) which will inevitably assist in setting the pace regarding their career growth. I think of it as a small window to a candidate’s soul that I have the privilege and honour of viewing. Not many jobs offer that on a daily basis.

• Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a fiercely optimistic person whose view of life has always been a glass is half fulll!! I enjoy spending time with my 3 year old son David, crafting, cooking (Chef in the making :-)), writing (cool kids call it blogging) and exploring new frontiers. I thrive on sunshine and flowers and all things chocolate. Most importantly is trying to juggle motherhood (no manual provided by the way), work and me time. All in all so far so good!!