Let’s get interactive, shall we? This week, we feature Noora, a recruitment Consultant specializing in Middle East and NGO. Here is what she had to say.

What made you join Summit Recruitment & Search?

I love interacting with people from different backgrounds and groups, and I believe my purpose is always to help people. This company allowed me to do both.

What does your day entail?

It involves a lot of research from gathering facts about what is happening in the market, calling candidates and doing business development management as my specialty is in the NGO and Middle East Sector. I ensure that as a specialist in those sectors I am able to always be up to date both for my clients and candidate’s sake.

What’s the most enjoyable part of your day?

Interacting with my colleagues or learning something new.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am someone who loves the design and communicating with people, so I enjoy getting more hands-on with things as simple as even coming up with new recipes or designing a new picture for myself or a friend.