Must go to events of the week in Kenya

Curious about where your customers for your company are, or maybe you would like to network with a HR team or want to know about cryptocurrency. Check the following events:

“Where are My Customers” Workshop Facilitated by Ann Gitari

The workshop aims to help you discover who is your visionary customer based on Depth of Customer Need, Profitability and Sustainability.


Welcome to our weekly roundtable forum where we network, engage and tackle people management issues. This initiative is to help provide workable HR solutions and improve work efficiency for ultimate business growth and profitability.

Meet With The Board | Discussion On Investments In Crypto Assets

This edition of “meet the board” will be aiming to productively discuss on:

  • Investments in crypto and blockchain assets.
  • Understanding what cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are from the most reliable source.
  • If it is possible to implement crypto in your business and/or If it is possible to start your own business from scratch profitably from this industry.