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Large Scale Employment Assignments

Large scale recruitment is becoming increasingly important for business start-ups, time sensitive projects or overseas outsourcing. East African individuals are highly educated and ready to travel to any areas which are safe but provide excellent working conditions and career growth.

Summit has supplied large numbers of skilled and semi-skilled labour to hospitality outlets, hospitals, engineering and electrical maintenance teams, as well as drivers, sales personnel and white-collar workers.

Large Project

A project may last 6 months or several years, but either way, we can advise accordingly and assist with all levels in the recruitment process. The Summit team has undertaken a variety of projects across business sectors, from Engineering, Construction of Renewable Energy sites to Hospitality, Manufacturing and many more.

Start Ups.

Concentrate on your core business by outsourcing all the recruitment requirements to Summit. We are the only team in East Africa which has the ability to undertake Executive Search roles, Middle Management and Junior positions.

Psychometric Testing.

Summit have led the development of international psychometric tools in Africa to help organisations understand the candidates ability to perform in a role and deliver business results. There are many types of tests and our team have the qualifications and expertise to design the testing program to suit your talent management requirements.

Mass Recruitment.

Our international Mass Recruitment Specialists are conversant with local conditions outside of the African workplace and can source the talent and skills required, coupled with the ability to choose individuals who will fit into a foreign climate and culture. We have a large database of Talent and work closely with the relevant country Embassy to ensure we are up to date with requirements for African candidates wishing to work outside their home country.

A little more info...

Working in close partnership with our Clients, as with Executive Search, Summit Recruitment & Search first build an in-depth knowledge of your organisation. Understanding what makes your organisation different and how it works, we aim to then shortlist the very best talent available that will grow and succeed in your particular cultural environment.

Traditional recruitment involves attracting the very best talent in any particular geographic area and business sector. In order to reach these individuals, Summit Recruitment & Search must have a reputation which is synonymous with trust and integrity. Over the last 8 years, Summit has become the leading company in recruitment and search across Africa.

The Summit Recruitment & Search Job Board (on the website) attracts over 100,000 ‘visits’ per week. This, combined with our other geographic Job Board partners ensures that we have the largest ‘reach’ in East Africa. All applicants complete an online CV and currently we have an extensive database, comprising of over 110,000 individuals, based across East Africa, South Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Our in-house database system is highly sophisticated software, which allows us to capture all pertinent information on each candidate and filter down to the best fit candidate.

All our senior consultants will get back to you within 24 hours, so service levels and communication with our Clients is always paramount.