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90% of what we communicate during a job interview is through how we look, how we sound and the signals that our bodies and eyes send out! Sure, we need to get the words and answers right, but just think about how convincing we could be if our body language shouts out that we are the best candidate for the job.
Body language covers a multitude of sins. Did you know that … ?
Shifty eyes that avoid eye contact with others warn others that you could be untrustworthy!

Arms crossed in front of your body makes you appear unapproachable, on the defense and that you have something to hide!

Hands covering your mouth sends the signal that you are lying or have something to hide!

Fidgeting, tapping, or shaking incessantly makes your interviewer feel uncomfortable too and they won’t relax into the interview.

Legs wide open, arms stretched out, taking up lots of space says you are clearly comfortable with yourself and don’t mind being noticed, but in a small space can be perceived as thoughtless and arrogant.

A shirt tail out, a missing button or a stain on your shirt shows that you shouldn’t be taken seriously. If you don’t take pride in your own self, will you take pride in your work?

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