Shaking in an Interview? Below are 4 ways to shake of Interview Anxiety

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Nerves—they affect the best of us. Even politicians, big-shot business professionals and other world leaders have experienced some form of anxiety and stress in their life time; so don’t beat yourself up too much if you feel extremely nervous before or during a job interview. It’s completely normal.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to let your nerves be all-consuming—after all you could jeopardize your chances of employment if you’re “too” jittery. That said there are several (and simple) things you can do to shake off any pre-interview anxiety and land your dream job.

1)Plan ahead: This cannot be stressed enough. All too often job applicants get knots in the pits of their stomachs because they don’t know what to expect. Not knowing what kind of curve balls employers can throw at you can be pretty nerve wrecking. But an easy way to walk into your scheduled interview with confidence is to plan ahead and think through all of the worst-case scenarios.

This includes not only formulating answers to common interview questions such as “why do you want to work here?” and “why should we hire you instead of the other applicants?” but also jotting down answers to the questions you fear the most. For example, is there a particular question that you are just dreading that the interviewer will ask? If so, face your greatest fear and try coming up with an answer that is both honest and will reflect you in a positive light.

2) Have a good laugh:They don’t say laughter is the best medicine for nothing. Not only has studies proven that laughing can help cure the body of certain diseases and illnesses, but it can also reduce the levels of stress hormones and anxiety. This is because when one laughs, the body releases “feel-good” chemicals called endorphins. These are the same chemicals that are released when we exercise and the same chemicals that naturally help fight-off depression.

So to replace any negative, jittery feelings with positive, confident ones simply fill the hours leading up to the interview with laughter. Go visit your funniest friend or watch that one movie no matter how many times you see it always leaves you in stitches.

3) Start the interview on the right note: Start the interview with a strong confident handshake and big smile. Remember to look the interviewer in the eye. Shifty eyes looking downwards or sideways sends a very bad signals.

4) Be open about nervousness: Lastly, if you start feeling nervous during the interview remember that it’s ok to admit it. During the beginning of the interview or if you start to stumble on a question, it’s ok to say something like,

I apologize, I’m extremely nervous. This is my first interview” or “It’s been quite some time that I’ve been in this position.” This will only make you appear more human and the interviewer may just be able to relate to you more. Who knows, the interviewer may even be just be as nervous as you are.

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