Steps to Hiring the Ideal Candidate

Recruitment is a rigorous process and sometimes organizations spend a considerable amount of time and money searching for the perfect candidate but they still fall short. In 2021, recruiters and HR professionals need well-developed hiring strategies in order to find a candidate that fits well and adds value to an organization. The number one challenge recruiters face is a company that is not clear about who their ideal candidate is. This also happens in in-house recruitment but more so when recruitment is outsourced. 

A proper understanding of the behavioural traits and professional skills that a candidate needs to fulfil the role is highly important. This is why all recruitment consultants at Summit Recruitment & Search run all candidates through Psychometric Assessments, Time Management Assessments among other tests to get a comprehensive scope of the candidate. 

It is important for all recruiters and hiring managers to understand the day to day activities and the key performance indicators of the role they are recruiting for. This heavily influences the information that should be derived from a candidate during an interview and even the process might change. It is not uncommon for candidates to represent themselves well in an interview but cannot fulfil the obligations of the role. A recruiter who understands the role can decipher if there are technical assessments that should be completed to determine if the candidate can actually walk the walk. 

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