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Summit Recruitment & Search delivers world class talent sourcing, executive search and recruitment services to organisations wishing to attract and retain outstanding individuals across Africa. We have the local expertise and knowledge, assisted by our international portfolio of psychometric assessment tools, to ensure that the right individuals are sourced and become an asset to your organisation.

All Senior Consultants specialise in their respective business sectors, enabling you to get the most up-to-date advice on prevailing salaries, experience and cultural fit within your organisation and market sector. Each week we will be introducing another industry represented by our organization and adding them onto this blog. If your organizations industry falls under one that our consultants specialize in, write us an email and let us find the best candidate for your organization.



Janet is a brilliant consultant who has mastered the art of matching a candidate to the company.

I specialize in doing recruitment within the manufacturing industry. My goal is always to get the right candidate for the job, taking into consideration the skill required for the job, culture of an organization and the candidates potential to grow in the company. Both the company and the candidate have to jell well.

Recruiting in the Manufacturing industry has recently been quite interesting. This is because the industry has greatly been impacted by the pandemic. Many companies are facing challenges occasioned by imposed curfew and restriction of movements in certain parts of the country. In fact, a survey by KAM-KPMG, indicated that at least half of manufacturers in Kenya are operating blow 50% production. It is also important to note, that the effect of covid in other industries e.g Hospitality, has affected the companies in Manufacturing field that supply key commodities to hotels & restaurants.

The survey by KAM-KPMG stated that top priorities for manufacturers at the moment are: reducing costs, retaining jobs & improving cash flows. There is still a good number of companies recruiting during this season, especially those in the essential goods sector. It is therefore important for job seekers to keep applying for the right jobs. Use this time to revamp their Cvs and learn new skills in their areas of expertise.

The manufacturing industry has been a big contributor to employment in this country. As businesses try to come up with ways to survive this pandemic, job seekers should use this time to learn new trends in the industry & improve their skills.



Stacy is an excellent recruitment consultant who has accrued an array of skills through her experience in recruiting within the FMCG industry.

“I have handled an array of roles in various sectors during my time as a recruitment consultant. However, over the last one year, I have delved into recruiting for both junior and mid-level roles specifically within the FMCG sector. 

One exciting thing about FMCG’s in Kenya is that it concerns a majority of the population hence resulting in wide exposure. An interesting thing I have noted whilst recruiting within the industry is that surprisingly, a very large portion of urban Kenyan consumers are quality-focused when purchasing products in this industry. I have learnt that consumer’s purchasing decisions are complex, built by a multitude of nuanced psychological associations between a product and its price, brand, quality, convenience, packaging…etc and this makes recruiting within the industry that much more of a challenge. 

I like that the industry is broad which means I get exposed to a multitude of different roles in this sector; from IT managers to workshop assistants. You learn a lot about these roles and how unique their impact is within the industry.”



Lena is a seasoned recruitment specialist who has years of experience recruiting for a plethora of organizations within the hospitality industry in Kenya and across Africa.

“I have been recruiting for the Hospitality sector here in Kenya now for 6 years and we work with a number of Hotel chains/Restaurants and Safari companies. The Hospitality industry is one of the sectors hardest hit by the Covid-19 Pandemic and consequently, Hotels/Restaurants have had to adapt accordingly and come up with innovative ideas.  

The start of the pandemic saw most eat-in hospitality businesses quickly adapt to new takeaway and delivery methods. In a sensible move to stay afloat, this sudden change to business models safeguarded the survival of the industry, whether it has been promoting a safe food collection or a takeaway service via an app. In a surprising twist, the start of the pandemic even saw people relying on takeaways when having difficulty finding food and stock in local supermarkets, particularly in Europe.

One of my recommendation in order to succeed in the industry is not to change jobs too often – don’t be too impatient. As the famous quote says: “Good things come to those who wait, but better things come to those who are patient”



Having an extensive understanding of recruiting into local markets in Africa, I offer an unrivalled ability to deliver clients’ recruitment needs for hiring within  Technology | Banking | Insurance & Engineering sector across Africa.

With the increased  momentum in Africa resulting in high demand of talent, I am committed to support the client in hiring the right candidate on the 1st attempt.



Kate Mbithe is a seasoned recruiter who specializes in multiple industries; one of which being Financial Service roles across East Africa.

“I have been recruiting within this industry in East Africa for the last 6 years. It is very interesting how the industry has developed over the years. One of the biggest changes that I have personally noted is the trend of microfinancing. Many smaller organizations have developed over the years and are now giving competition to bigger banking corporates. As a result, this has led to more SME’s getting capital from micro-finance service providers who are more flexible and favorable with their interest rates.

What I love about my job and recruiting within this industry is that you are not always recruiting for the same roles every day. It is always something new, a new challenge, new people, new qualifications and requirements but with the same end goal, keeping both the client and candidate satisfied; and that’s what I love about recruiting.”



Priscilla Mwonga is a seasoned recruiter who specializes in multiple industries; one of which being Technology and Technical roles across Africa.

I have been recruiting within this space for 4 years and it has been very interesting to see how the industry has evolved at such a rapid pace. Due to this constant growth and progress, I am kept on my toes to keep updated with the latest developments in the tech world.

Tech is a unique space to recruit within because it requires very skilled technical knowledge from our candidates. Personally, I like that, because this means that recruitment becomes black or white; the candidate either has the hard skills needed or the job or they don’t.

Often clients come with to us with very specific requirements hence I would advise candidates to specialize in an area they want to grow in rather than trying to be a jack of all trades. This can be done by joining a technical school and getting a more specialized education rather than just your bachelors or diploma. Tech bootcamps, hackathons and competitions are always a feather in your cap and a great way to learn as well.



Betty is a recruitment consultant who has years of experience recruiting within the retail industry.

I have always enjoyed working within the industry because it is very people oriented but have recently been enjoying recruiting for my clients because the industry has undergone major changes. Firstly, the current trend of turning to e-commerce, secondly, which shocked all of us, is Tusky’s fall. It is interesting to see how one of the major chains in Kenya’s retail sector has fallen and how the others are scrambling for a piece of the market share pie left by Tusky’s. It is always interesting to see what these changes in the dynamic market means for me as a recruitment consultant.”



Eve is a seasoned recruiter who specializes in multiple industries; one of which being agriculture across Africa.

I have handled multiple roles in Agri and have come to learn the ins and outs of the industry over the years. I have worked with key players and have recruited both junior and senior roles. My most recent recruit was a Sub-Saharan regional sales manager and an agri-business COO. I enjoy the dynamic nature of the industry and the diversity of roles I have come across. I believe in the future of agriculture, we can’t live without it.



Jeremy is a supply chain professional with over 22 years experience in supply chain and logistics – 18 of which have been in Africa and the Middle East. 

I have vast experience across Central and Eastern Africa resourcing multiple projects, country startups and operations where I managed workforces in excess of 2,500 people. From clearing and forwarding through warehousing and transportation I have been party to numerous recruiting and people management activities in various elements of the supply chain. I recently finished a 5-year term in the Oil and Gas sector where I managed multiple oil and gas contractors to supply logistics solutions.

Keep a look out each week for other industries represented at Summit Recruitment and Search