Tech News This Week

  • Facebook built a new fiber-spinning robot to make internet service cheaper. The robot’s code name is Bombyx, which is Latin for silkworm, and pilot tests with the machine begin next year.
  • Twitch has unbanned President Donald Trump, two weeks after suspending his account for “hateful conduct.” He was banned for racist comments made on two occasions.
  • More than a dozen top American technology companies including Google, Facebook, Microsoft joined a lawsuit filed by Harvard University and the MIT against the Immigrations and Customs Enforcements ICE latest rule that bars international students from staying in the US unless they attend one in-person course.
  • Android phone users mostly stick to Google’s services which include Gmail, Google Maps and of course, Google Search. Despite having options to use a search engine or maps of some other service provider, people mostly tend to stick to the ones provided by Google as it easily gets the job done. Now, this makes it difficult for Google’s competitors to make Android users try their services.
  • China’s internet watchdog said it was kicking off a two-moth campaign to clean up websites aimed at users under the age of 18, saying it wanted to promote a healthy online environment.
  • Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a very sophisticated Exploit Kit that is targeting countries in the Asia-Pacific region to deliver ransomware via malvertising, which is the spread of malware through online advertisement.