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  • Autonomous shuttles are being used to move COVID-19 tests from a Jacksonville, Florida testing site to a nearby Mayo Clinic processing location, in what the medical nonprofit is calling a “first” for the US.
  • Facebook begins sharing more location data with COVID-19 researchers and asks users to self-report symptoms
  • YouTube said it would reduce the number of videos it recommends to users on its platform which spread false claims that 5G technology is linked to the coronavirus. The company said it will remove videos that violate its policies. It may allow other conspiracy-themed content about 5G which doesn’t mention the coronavirus to remain on the site as “borderline content.”
  • Appearing before a background that said “we care” over an image of a heart-shaped planet Earth, Zoom CEO Eric S. Yuan said Sunday on CNN that despite the company’s recent security problems, its “intentions are good.”
  • Apple announced Sunday it’s launched a companywide effort to design, produce and ship face shields to medical workers battling the coronavirus outbreak. The first shipment was delivered this week to a Kaiser facility in the Santa Clara Valley, Apple CEO Tim Cook said.
  • Uber had recently partnered with Big Basket to make sure essential products are delivered to people even during the coronavirus lockdown. Now, the cab aggregator has partnered with e-commerce giant Flipkart to help with the last-mile delivery of essential products using Uber’s fleet of cars and bikes in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. The partnership between Uber India and Flipkart was announced by the former in a blog post. This is Uber’s third such B2B partnership in the last week, after Big Basket and Spencer’s Retail.