Technology News & Updates Across the Globe This Week

  • Coronavirus transforms peak internet usage into the new normal. Internet usage is spiking. ISPs say they can handle it. Policy wonks aren’t convinced.
  • Huge numbers of sporting events have been canceled or postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. And now it looks like the granddaddy of global sporting events, the Tokyo Olympic Games, set for this summer, will join them. On Monday, International Olympic Committee member Dick Pound told USA Today that the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will be postponed, likely to 2021.
  • Twitter warns misleading coronavirus tweets may slip through. It says it may not be able to address all tweets that violate its guidelines on incomplete or misleading information regarding the illness.
  • Sixteen supercomputers tackle coronavirus cures in US. Researchers get access to mammoth IBM machines plus cloud-computing horsepower from Amazon, Microsoft and Google.
  • Carbon, a startup whose 3D printers are used to make everything from bicycle seats to teeth straighteners, is now tackling the new coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19. Within 24 hours, it’ll send medical face shield designs to its network of customers who’ve bought its 3D printers, said Carbon co-founder and Executive Chairman Joseph DeSimone on Monday.
  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk offers 1,255 free ventilators to support COVID-19 fight. Musk also reportedly says Tesla has thousands of N95 masks it will donate to hospitals.