Technology News & Updates across the World

  • Installation of a 4,854-kilometre undersea cable, whose landing point in Kenya will be managed by Telkom Kenya, has started. This offers hope that the completion of the KES 24.3 billion (approx. USD 235 million) project will be within the June 2020 deadline. The project is expected to improve the quality and affordability of broadband internet access in the East and West coast of Africa.
  • Ongoing Internet hitches being experienced in the country are making it difficult for prospective travellers to book their trips online. The Internet service disruptions were said to have been caused by damage to the West African Cable System, a submarine cable network serving Nigeria and some West African countries.
  • Microsoft forced to create a free Windows 7 update just days after updates ended. New update fixes wallpapers that Microsoft broke this month.
  • Microsoft is helping Google improve Chrome‚Äôs tab management. A good example of two rivals working to improve web browsers.
  • Ethio telecom disclosed that it has collected ETB 22.04 billion (approx. USD 685 million) total revenue in the first half of 2019/2020.