“Tell me a little about yourself” Here’s how to answer this interview question

Answer like this……

WHAT I am + WHO I am = WHY I am a good candidate for the role.

Let us use as the EXAMPLE:

1. WHAT I am:

“I worked extensively in the Financial Markets for 20 years, until making a total career change into academia and Psychology. My vast experience of hiring and managing combined with my knowledge of the human mind led me to create my global Career Consultancy.

2. WHO I am:

I am a highly energetic and driven individual, and use these attributes to try to motivate and inspire others. My altruistic nature led me to represent UPEACE as a UN ambassador for several years. I am a critical thinker with strong analytical skills, and pride myself on being a servant leader who places people before task.”

3. COMBINE #1 and #2 to explain WHY you are a good candidate for the role, and emphasize HOW you add value.

NO personal details please, i.e.. Age, marital status, religion etc.

No rambling!

Keep it concise and precise!

Courtesy: Kirsty Bonner | #KB