Testimonials | Career Clinic Feedback

I have learnt a lot on the haves and have not in applying for jobs with regards to relevancy. I got much insight on ensuring how my CV gets noticed by recruiters in terms of formatting and keywords. Indeed I have never felt much comfortable and bold for the future.

Chris Waithaka – Finance & Auditing

I have learnt the need to consolidate my CV into a good summary as opposed to having a lengthy CV which looks like a composition. I have also learnt that it is very important to always have a realistic salary increment. It was an opportunity to learn more a =bout the accounting industry and the experience was full of good insights about recruitment & Search. I feel fully equipped and knowledgeable.

Milkah Njoki Muigai – Construction Industry.

I learnt how to structure my CV and include only the necessary pointers in the sortst form possible. I found the experience educative, informative and the consultant was easy to talk to and willing to help. I would recommend this program as it acts as a guide to one making informative and wise decisions when applying for a job.

Joan Adhiambo – Accounts/Procurement.