The Growth and Development of a Manufacturing Company Amidst a Global Pandemic

The Growth and Development of a Manufacturing Company Amidst a Global Pandemic, Summit Recruitment & Search

How long has your organization been in business? 

Social Bites Ltd has been in existence since 2018 with activities in Githunguri and Mombasa.

What are some of your organizations’ important milestones or proud accomplishments that you would like recognized?

The company has established a dairy production setup in Githunguri and a sales infrastructure in Mombasa. Through its unique distribution model, it incentivises individuals in Mombasa to become their own businessmen and women retailing the frozen products of Social Bites as Vendors. Through its model, the company is creating a wide-reaching social impact through job creation among youths, training and empowerment and through its nutritious frozen products named MilkPop and YogoPop.

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How was business for you at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and has that affected any current organizational processes and activities? (this could involve innovations, campaigns, initiatives that are being implemented..etc)

Due to Covid – 19 the company was forced to adjust elements in its operation. It has introduced new products and price points and also boosted its marketing efforts. It has continued to build processes in its departments and introduced IT in more parts of its operations. There has been a continued strong focus on staff training and Vendor training.

What does the future look like for your company post-Covid 19?

The future for Social Bites looks bright and the company will in the coming years be expanding into new markets with its unique market concept. The company will continue to expand its product portfolio to include a wider range of frozen milk and frozen yoghurt products.

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