The Rise of Specialist Sales and Marketing Professionals

The Rise of Specialist Sales and Marketing Professionals, Summit Recruitment & Search

Sales and Marketing is an industry that evolves very rapidly. Being a very people-centric space, so many variables influence this industry. Buyer behaviour, Therefore, peoplesing channels and ultimately the needs and wants of people are constantly changing. People in sales and marketing need to keep abreast of these changes and adjust their communication methods.

A trend that has been picking up is the rise of highly specialist salespeople and marketers. Generalists are proving to be less effective especially for businesses that want to get real value and high Return On Investment (ROI). In the Digital Marketing realm, for instance, there are now specialists who even focus on one or two platforms (e.g Instagram, Facebook) ensuring that businesses who have their target audience on that platform get the most from it. Others choose to focus on particular areas such as Email Marketing or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

A solid understanding of the overall sales and marketing scope is however still crucial. A sales strategy or a marketing strategy is usually comprehensive and might involve different spheres which means that everyone involved should be familiar. A social media specialist for instance might need to understand the lingo of a content marketer in case content is going on the web and social media. Sometimes there might even be a cross over where marketers and salespeople liaise using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms such as Hubspot or Salesforce.

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