The top 50 Soft Business Skills you need to get promoted! How many do you have?

1. A Training

Most people get their first jobs because of the skills and qualifications that they have. But most people only progress in their career because of the soft, interpersonal and communication skills that they develop. Some skills come naturally, some have to be learnt. How many soft skills do you have to do well in the office?

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01. Courtesy.
02. Honesty.
03. Grammar.
04. Reliability.
05. Flexibility.
06. Team skills.
07. Eye contact.
08. Cooperation.
09. Adaptability.
10. Follow rules.
11. Self-directed.
12. Good attitude.
13. Writing skills.
14. Dependability.
15. Self-supervising.
16. Good attendance.
17. Personal energy.
18. Personal integrity.
19. Ability to negotiate
20. Positive work ethic.
21. Interpersonal skills.
22. Motivational skills.
23. Valuing education.
24. Personal chemistry.
25. Willingness to learn.
26. Common sense.
27. Being a good leader.
28. Managing your time.
29. Critical thinking skills.
30. Coaching and mentoring.
31. Wanting to do a good job.
32. Reporting to work on time.
33. Good personal appearance.
34. Ability to follow regulations.
35. Basic spelling and grammar.
36. Reading and comprehension.
37. Willingness to be accountable.
38. Ability to make production quotas.
39. Supervising and motivating others.
40. Awareness of how business works.
41. Staying on the job until it is finished.
42. Ability to read and follow instructions.
43. Caring about seeing the company succeed.
44. Ability to listen and document what you have heard.
45. Commitment to continued training and learning.
46. Willingness to take instruction and responsibility.
47. Ability to relate to co-workers in a close environment.
48. Not expecting to become a supervisor in the first six months.
49. Willingness to be a good worker and go beyond the traditional eight-hour day.
50. Communication skills with public, fellow employees, supervisors, and customers.

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