Tips to come up with a nice cover letter

COVID-19 means that most INTERVIEWS will be conducted in remote. COVER LETTERS will now play a KEY role in initial screenings.

Do YOU know how to write one??

Like this…

1. Name of hiring manager, recruiter etc. Dept. name.

Company name.

Physical address.

2. Paragraph 1:

Which role you are applying for, and the “what” you are professionally with the “who” you are in terms of personal attributes, making you a suitable candidate for the role.

Paragraph 2:

Cross-reference the Core Competencies and Achievements section of your resume, to answer the job requirements.

E.g. Which hard/transferable skills and achievements do you have that prove you are able to perform this role?

Paragraph 3:

Mention 3 facts about the company and why they appeal to you. State how you will add value to the organization.

Paragraph 4:

Thank the reader for his/her time and state that you are attaching your resume for their consideration.

Sign off: Name

Phone number, Email, LinkedIn URL

A cover letter to be 1 page; a cover email forms the body of the email – 400 words.

This is NOT a summary of your resume. Attach that.

SHOWCASE your amazing skills and experience and FLAUNT “why” you are a great candidate for the role!

Courtesy: Kirsty Bonner | #KB