Tips to Manage Interview Cancellations and No Shows

Here are practical tips to help reduce candidate cancellations and no shows:

  • Lessen Slack time – work with consultants to plan interviews as quickly as possible. make an effort not to go past two weeks.
  • Set desires in advance with applicants – Find out in the event that they are meeting somewhere else. Open an exchange to measure their actual intrigue level in your organization and what factors they weigh as priorIties while considering and accepting offers. Request that they advise you in the event that they have to drop or pull back from consideration and give contact data to do as such.
  • Affirm interviews with more than once – Email and telephone candidates to affirm their expectations to go to the meeting. In any case, don’t simply affirm. Welcome them as you would a visitor. Tell them the amount you value their time and interest.
  • Find out why candidates are dropping out – It might be difficult to do, yet in the event that you can review the individuals who dropped or neglected to show up, you’ll increase important understanding into what elements are playing into this phenomenon. Was a recruiting consultant inconsiderate? Did the planning just not work? Is it accurate to say that they were treated better elsewhere? Did they feel ill-equipped? Pose inquiries and report on it all the time.
  • See the silver lining – Ultimately, candidates who fail to show or call may not be the most considerate or dependable employees. Be thankful that their behavior showed up early and prevented you from a potential bad hire.