Top 7 Job Hunting Tips for Fresh Graduates

Given the nature of competition in the current job market, job searching without much work experience can be frustrating. When you are just out of college & embarking on finding a career path, it’s easy to feel intimidated and overwhelmed. But with some hard work, a lot of ambition, smart strategies, and confidence in yourself, it can happen. Here are the best 7 job hunting tips for fresh graduates.

1.Develop your “soft skills” – Technical skills & experience are great. Hiring for entry-level positions, almost all employers view communication and teamwork skills, as well as having a positive attitude, as being important or very important.

2.Focus on the jobs you’re most passionate about – If you’re not eager to work with a company, it’ll show in the interview & according to our study, 26% of employers have been turned off by an entry-level applicant’s bad attitude during interviews. If you want to be more positive during interviews, the best approach is to only apply to jobs you’re really excited about.

3.Get your eggs out of anyone basket – The workplace is constantly changing, as are the needs of corporations. That’s why it’s important now, more than ever before, to spread yourself out and get as many internships and experiences under your belt as humanly possible.

4.Leverage Your Online Presence – Online presence matters a lot these days. It’s almost mandatory to have a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is the most powerful professional networking platform today. In fact, your LinkedIn profile is your online resume. Almost all companies use LinkedIn to screen their candidates. It is a one-stop source of all your qualifications, skill sets, certifications, work experience and accolades.

5.Use Online Job Portals – The online job portals might sound like orthodox, but companies and HR recruiters do use the online job portals to hire fresh talent.

6.Reach Out to The Hiring & Placement Agencies – There are several companies who don’t recruit directly and use the hiring agencies. So, you can find placement agency and submit your job profile.

7.Networking and References – Get in touch with your college seniors, friends and relatives. In the majority of cases, connection and references work well.

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