Top 7 Recruitment Companies in Kenya, Africa: Your Gateway to Professional Success

1. Summit Recruitment and Search Africa –

Is a leading recruitment agency based across the African continent. They provide a wide range of talent sourcing, executive search, recruitment, and HR solutions to clients from multinational companies to non-profits, SMEs, and startups.

Summit’s local expertise and knowledge, combined with their portfolio of international psychometric assessment tools, allows them to ensure the right individuals are matched and become assets to the organizations they join.

In their operations, Summit upholds sustainability, inclusivity, and equality as integral pillars. They are committed to driving positive change through sustainable practices that minimize environmental impact.

Summit also firmly believes in fostering an inclusive and diverse workforce embracing people from all backgrounds to ensure equal opportunities. Through prioritizing these factors and cultivating a culture of respect, fairness and non-discrimination, Summit aims to set a high standard for the industry and contribute to bettering society overall.

Use this link to access their site:

Contact information:
Kenya, Nairobi Office
Blixen Court 2, 3, 4 & 5
Karen Road
Tel: +254 (0) 713 461 279

Edge Executive Search is a leading executive search and recruitment firm in Kenya. They assist organizations in finding senior-level executives who can lead their companies to success. Edge Executive Search’s extensive network and industry knowledge make them a trusted partner for executive-level recruitment needs.

3. Talent Board Kenya

Talent Board Kenya specializes in talent acquisition, executive search, and recruitment services for organizations in Kenya. They help companies identify and hire top talent to drive their success. Talent Board Kenya’s expertise in candidate sourcing and selection ensures that businesses find the right individuals to meet their staffing needs.

4. Human Asset Kenya

Human Asset Kenya is a premier recruitment agency in Kenya that offers recruitment, executive search, and HR consultancy services. They help businesses find the right talent to meet their specific needs, ensuring a strong and capable workforce. Human Asset Kenya’s commitment to excellence and professionalism sets them apart in the recruitment industry.

5. Janta Kenya

Janta Kenya is a reputable recruitment agency that focuses on placing candidates in diverse job roles across multiple industries. They connect job seekers with employers, ensuring a good fit between the candidate’s skills and the company’s requirements. Janta Kenya is committed to helping individuals find meaningful employment opportunities.

6. Manpower Services Group

Manpower Services Group is a global HR consulting and recruitment agency with a presence in Kenya. They provide workforce solutions that address the staffing needs of organizations across diverse industries. With a vast network and extensive experience, they assist businesses in identifying and hiring qualified candidates to drive their success.

7. ICS Outsourcing Kenya Limited

ICS Outsourcing Kenya Limited specializes in HR outsourcing, recruitment, and talent management services. They help businesses in Kenya streamline their HR functions, allowing them to focus on core operations while ensuring that their staffing needs are met efficiently. With a dedicated team of professionals, ICS Outsourcing supports companies in optimizing their human capital and achieving sustainable growth.