Trends in Real Estate

The real estate market has continuously evolved over the years and one of the major trends is the improvement of office spaces. In Africa for example, office spaces have come a long way and they are more than the traditional chair and desk. Office spaces now have partitions, kitchen areas and more properties now have gyms or exercise areas. The ambiance has changed and offices have a homely look to them. 

As more people take up remote jobs, urban areas are becoming less populated which means the cost of some properties is on the decline following less demand. Major cities are likely to continue seeing a drop in the population since remote workers only need a solid internet connection. Home sales are also likely to decrease as interest rates decrease. At the moment, interest rates are very low and they will go up eventually. 

Clients looking to invest or buy property are doing more research which means that average agents might not be enough to close the deal. Experienced real estate agents are becoming sort after by companies and clients alike. Very few part-time agents seem to have the requisite experience to close deals and full-time agents seem to have the ability to organize themselves into teams that bring in larger transactions.

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