Trends in Social Work

Social workers play an important role in society as they provide a link to stability for individuals who are marginalized or are near marginalized. As such, social workers played and continue to play a crucial role as the COVID 19 pandemic wears on. Social workers could even be considered front liners in their own regard and could there be noticeable trends in the industry. Let us find out. 

Due to the pandemic, social workers need to be flexible enough to work through the complexities society currently faces. Prospective workers now need to be more adept at the resources that will help them empower and improve people’s lives. While technology has never been widely used considering the interactive nature of the job, it is becoming more integral for social workers. Social workers’ roles still involve meeting people in person but some scenarios require the utilization of technology.

Social workers with business skills are in demand as they are deemed to be adept at organizing human beings. Social workers now ought to improve their presentation and communication skills as they interact with different audiences who might not be interested, unsure or even hostile.

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