Trends in the Engineering Space and Skills Prospective Engineers Should Know in 2021

The engineering industry continues to evolve with the recent trend being developing prototypes of a final product through Digital Twins. In simple words, a digital twin is a replica of a physical product in the works. A twin however is in digital format and the aim is to give insight into the performance of the final product. The digital twin also diagnoses problems in performance so engineers can fine-tune the final physical product. 

Similarly, 3D printing is increasingly picking up in the engineering sector with engineers utilizing it for automobile and aeroplane components. Engineers are using the 3D printouts for design tests and model production. 

With these trends, engineers will therefore need to hone ad sharpen their IT skills as the sector becomes more technology-driven. Advanced Mapping and Modelling skills are also likely to become essential as engineers will have to come up with digital representations of their final product. Engineers who can manage databases will also have a competitive edge since Digital Twins and 3D may involve data collection. As assessments and tests are carried out to fine-tune a model before it is brought into the real world, proper management of the data is key. 

What other trends in the engineering space are you aware of and what do you think prospective engineers should be aware of? 

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