Want a JOB with a company that’s NOT HIRING?

Do this:

Use a “cold call” COVER LETTER when:

You wish to present yourself to a particular company and no specific job is advertised.

This is a request to “create a job” for you.

You must THOROUGHLY research the company and know WHY you want to work there.

The structure:

  • Name of the recipient:
  • Company Name
  • Dept Name
  • Email address

Paragraph 1:

Introduce yourself with “what” you are professionally combined with “who” you are as a human being (personal attributes).

Paragraph 2:

State 4 things about the company that are factual and explain “why” these 4 things appeal to you.

Paragraph 3.

Give a brief overview of your top 4 skills evidenced with achievements.

Paragraph 4:

State how you would position yourself in terms of role and explain “why” your contribution to the company would add value.

Paragraph 5:

State that you would welcome the opportunity to have an informal, interview, and that you are attaching your resume.

Thank the reader for his/her time, and that you look forward to a response.

Courtesy: Kirsty Bonner | #KB