What’s new in the Tech World?

  • WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app, has rolled out a new tweak to its group chat feature to help users avoid a potentially awkward social situation.  You Will Now Be Able to Decide Whether or Not to Be Added on WhatsApp Groups. http://bit.ly/2Q8TpoH
  • Google has launched a new Traffic tab in Google Maps in Lagos. The Traffic tab provides bus riders with information to help them find their most efficient route, both in travel time and transport costs. http://bit.ly/2rCnOSb
  • Sophos has reported on the current attack trends in which attackers are raising the stakes in ransomware by increasing stealth in malicious Android apps, exploiting misconfiguration in the cloud and abusing machine learning. http://bit.ly/2O3E3iz  
  • Adobe deals with ‘painful’ early reviews of Photoshop for the iPad. Negative reviews poured in on Twitter and YouTube, confirming early reports that the app was missing key features and felt unfinished. http://bit.ly/32HoFxv
  • E-commerce giant Amazon.com Inc’s long-serving executive Steve Kessel will leave the company after 20 years, saying he would be focusing on community service and not-for-profit work. http://bit.ly/2KdWsYR
  • Andela, the global technology company that builds distributed engineering teams with Africa’s top software engineers yesterday officially launched its operations in Egypt, its first fully remote centre. The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) signed an agreement with Andela that will see them support the company’s efforts to select and invest in at least 200 of the top software engineers in Egypt. http://bit.ly/2X4cIRz
  • Global cybersecurity company, ESET announced on Thursday, 7 November 2019 that it had become a founding member of the App Defense Alliance to protect the Google Play Store. ESET h0pes to provide detection capabilities and improved security for the Android ecosystem and spearhead investigations that make the Google Play Store safer. http://bit.ly/33F8T7U