Which type of interview is right for your business?

When in-person job interviews were abruptly discontinued owing to social distancing orders in 2020, virtual interviewing became crucial for the majority of businesses.

Virtual interviews have continued to be adopted alongside the traditional in-person interviews . This is dependent on various factors on what type of job interviewing to use in your recruitment.

When deciding how to interview for a post that is open, take into account:

Where you are in the process: Going virtual might make it simpler for you to pass the preliminary interview stages. Once the field of applicants has been reduced, inviting candidates for in-person interviews might give them the chance to see your offices and possibly provide you the chance to get to know them in a different setting.

Temporary turnover: Virtual interviews could be a better option for jobs with a high turnover rate because they can speed up the hiring process and cut costs. In-person interviews may be preferable if your available position is more likely to remain unfilled for a longer period of time.

Job duties: Virtual interviews could be a useful tool for you to learn more about candidates’ talents if the vacant position requires telework or frequent video conferencing with clients and other stakeholders. For positions that require daily face-to-face engagement with coworkers and clients, in-person interviews could be more crucial.

Recruitment area: If you’re looking for applicants across the country, virtual interviews might be more practical for both your business and the candidates. When you’ve concentrated your recruiting efforts on a particular region, in-person interviews could be preferred.

Software accessibility: If you don’t have or just bought video interviewing software, you might want to delay virtual interviews until you have a system in place and your hiring team is at ease with it.

Candidates Preferences: Candidates can choose between in-person and online interviews based on their preferences. Giving candidates a voice could help you feel less stressed and really get to know the people you’re considering for your open position.

Remember that combining in-person and virtual interviews may be necessary to optimize your recruitment strategy. You have the choice to interview candidates in both ways for the same post, as long as you use a uniform scoring system, ask each candidate the same sets of questions, and follow best practices for virtual interviews. Additionally, you can choose to have in-person interviews for specific roles while simply conducting virtual interviews for others.