Why talent is critical for your future supply chain:

Only 27% of leaders believe they currently have the talent needed to meet current supply chain performance requirements, according to a report from analysts Gartner. 

According to the survey by Gartner, a shortage of supply chain talent with the right combination of knowledge, skills, experience and behavioural maturity was the top external force (29%) having the greatest impact on the supply chain.

“It’s becoming increasingly apparent to many supply chain leaders that talking about talent is not enough – they need to focus on talent, and that talent should be a key part of their overall supply chain strategy. Once a supply chain talent strategy is in place, the organisation can build and invest where the largest gaps and biggest needs exist,” comment Gartner.

Supply chain leaders need to prioritise the development of their talent strategy so they can build and invest where the largest supply chain skills gap exist, states the report entitled Developing the Supply Chain Professional of 2025.

Where does Summit Recruitment and Search come in?

Developing your supply chain should be done through the empowerment of employees and through digital dexterity.

Adapting to new technologies and effectively leveraging data and analytics in the supply chain will require new capabilities. In order for employees to work digitally and support the efforts of becoming a digital business, supply chain roles will need to feature digital dexterity competencies. And with an increased focus on data and analytics in the supply chain, the average employee will need to develop skills in data literacy.

Employees are not currently empowered to act with agility hence Summit can assess your current supply chain management and find you the right people you need to redesign the work flow and focus on the capabilities that support digital at its core. Lumina Select, our preferred psychometric tool, is aimed at ensuring the talent we place in your organization has the key capabilities and competencies needed to perform their role effectively. You can read more about Lumina here http://bit.ly/3etM534

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Source: Gartner Talent – Supply Chain Digital