Women in Tech Introducing Entrepreneur of the Week.

Nneile Nkholise, 31 is a young entrepreneur in South Africa. She started with iMED Tech Group in 2015 while studying her master’s degree in mechanical engineering at the Central University of Technology. This company provides innovative medical solutions that impact on health care throughout the continent. Nkholise has experience in 3D printing applications in the medical field.

iMedTech Group uses 3D printing to create the moulds and cast silicone inside to create the final breast prosthesis. She says she has always wanted to help contribute in some way, to better the lives of women affected by breast cancer. Nkholise explains that the 3D tech is a solution to the prohibitive costs of reconstructive surgery and other prosthetic devices on the market. She says the prosthesis is more accessible to people from all economic backgrounds, with prices ranging from R900. iMedTech Group offers both standard breast prosthesis sizes and customised prosthesis for patients. She hopes to achieve her initiative, to 3D print 1000 prosthetic breasts for 1000 mastectomy patients, by October this year.

She recently started with 3dimo, focused on the detection of sports injuries, prevention, and rehabilitation. She creates digital models for athletes that are analysed and observes what happens when athletes train to predict injuries. Nkholise is a member of an elite group of entrepreneurs who guide emerging companies to unleash the full potential of African people. She also won the SAB Foundation for Social Innovation Award. Also, the World Economic Forum has recognised her as one of the most influential African innovators and was chosen among the 100 entrepreneurs selected in the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

Nkholise’s accomplishments gave her recognition at Forbes Africa on her 30-under 30 technology list, where she placed 13th, placing her as the top woman on the list. She understands the impact she can achieve, so she helps with resources in a South African organisation to develop STEM and entrepreneurial skills in girls.